Ennio Franceschetti

Passion is the fuel of our lives. It drives us to be creative, and determined, keeps us awake at night and simultaneously inspires our dreams. It can take many forms, and everything seems possible when the passion is intense.

Still, it’s not clear how passion affects reality. Is being passionate good for teamwork? How do you share the passion? Does it always manifest itself in the same way? How do you recognize if a person is passionate?

In this Success Story, he tells the passion of a man who, at a young age, dreamed at school, imagining through intuitions and scribbling on paper, partly not to forget ideas and somewhat to free his thoughts. To give life to a thought, first of all you need passion, and Ennio Franceschetti, talking about himself in this interview, has spread a lot of it. The Founder and Honorary President of the Gefran Group tells about the significant episodes that transformed ideas on paper into the reality we live in every day.

It all begins with the dream.

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“It was the 60s and 70s, and I had just enrolled at university even though I admit I was not a good student. Shortly after I started, I left for military service in Modena (IT), and many of my comrades were always frustrated while I had a good experience”.

It can be challenging to adapt to harsh environments. Ennio Franceschetti tells of military service through his own experiences and those of his comrades, who were not comfortable with food, waking up at dawn and highly intense and tiring activities.

Yet military service has taught us one thing that has returned the commitment dedicated to learning it over the years: knowing how to respect the rules.

Back home, Ennio began working as an apprentice in a small company of which his brother was an accountant and partner. He developed technical drawings for small artisans in his daily life, and one day like many others, one of those events that Ennio calls “factor” happened.

“Challenges are opportunities in disguise.”
Cit. Deepak Chopra

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Who could have predicted that a crucial intuition would come from that partially purchased company? The company operated in the electrotechnical field, and Ennio Franceschetti, committing himself to pay back the investment, deep-dived into this technological reality. He understood that Italy needed to catch up to other European nations, and Italian companies that needed technological electrical panels were forced to buy abroad.

Combining ideas with passion brings you closer to opportunities, and to catch them definitively, you still need one ingredient: commitment. At that moment, Ennio told himself, “I have to do something continuously; I have to consolidate something and stay focused” – “Do one thing and do it well“.

This has allowed him to transform intuition into solutions dedicated to industrial regulations, control production lines, and create technologically innovative products.

Once the market is found and the way to conquer it is identified, people can solve problems. The entrepreneur does not have to be omniscient. His figure is close to that of the composer and conductor. It is essential to find skilled people, know the market and customer needs, and compose everything necessary to satisfy them. The company is an orchestra because more is needed to idealize the concept, but its management, control and safety are also critical.

According to Ennio Franceschetti, this became achievable through capable and talented people because a person is good if those who work with him are good. “The better people you have, the better you become. The more you make them feel good, the more you feel good. And this is what I did thirty or forty years ago, and it is what we do today in a more structured way. But the concept, the seed, is always the same “.

Anyone who is an entrepreneur must have courage. And how does it manifest itself in decisions?

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The more courage grew, the newer challenges opened up. Italy was a market with broad horizons, and the possibilities varied. In general, the most prominent requests concerned the automation of production processes and their control. For example, making bread industrially requires a more stable and fluid process. At the same time, values such as the oven’s temperature have to be controlled.

Conceptually, it might seem simple, but in reality, it meant making a product from scratch, and Ennio Franceschetti says that it was complicated initially.

“Some told me I was crazy, wondering how I could accomplish something that others hadn’t yet done. The ideas I had did not seem credible, but if you work hard, you can realize them”.

Ennio invested heavily in controlling the primary elements to carry out its sensor projects because it is also essential to know how to manage the technology to create something innovative. Sometimes the projects were made to be put on the market; others were sold to other companies to finance the development of ideas.

And so we arrive at the essence of this Success Story, in which Ennio Franceschetti reveals to us how passion becomes something applicable in everyday life:

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